Your PR Application Process – Why You Need To Be Thorough

Some people try to cut corners when it comes to their PR application process in Singapore, and then they ask me how did I get my permanent residence approved. The quick answer is, do not cut corners, and be absolutely thorough during your application for Singapore PR, as well as providing the necessary documents to ICA as requested for by ICA.

Work and career segment for Singapore permanent residence application

Additionally, when it comes to your work and career segment during the application for Singapore PR process, you will also be asked to provide testimonials from past employer. This is necessary for ICA to process your permanent residence application in Singapore. Many applicants, for some reason, want to skip this one. Sometimes it may be out of shyness to contact the past employer, or perhaps you did not end the employment well at all. Well, there you go – you answered it yourself. One of the reasons I believe ICA Singapore asks for testimonials from your previous employers is so that they know whether your claims are accurate, and whether you are a stable employee. ICA does not want to approve permanent residencies for people who are unstable when it comes to their employment, or are always causing trouble at their work place.

Make sure to provide your pay slip accurately as well. Do not ever try to alter your income to be higher than it really is to get a higher chance of PR status approval. If you are under the required amount, or you do not feel confident, then simply work harder on your career before re-applying to become a Singapore permanent resident.

Academic qualifications

This is another segment which is very important as well. Make sure to provide the necessary requested for documents. There have been Singapore PR applicants who have falsified their academic achievements, as they think that ICA will not tally or double check with the claimed educational institution because it was from another country and not Singapore. That is not true. As much as possible, ICA does its due diligence well. This is why there are cases where people have falsified their educational certificates knowingly before in the past, and got found out either on the spot or years later. These offenders usually face jail time, hefty fines or revoked PR status, or all three.