Is It Harder To Get Your Permanent Residence Status Approved Now?

Some people are increasingly telling me that it is harder to get their permanent residence status in Singapore approved, and so here is my take on it!

Most countries are now getting stricter with their immigration policies, especially when many countries and cities around the world are becoming increasingly well developed already. This seems to be the trend too in Singapore, with tightening of work passes and more. This means two key things:

  • The people are usually more well educated, and do not blindly accept anything that the government proposes as being good for the country. This means that uncontrolled immigration policies will now be looked deeper into. As a result of this, politicians who want to work hard to keep their positions in office will now need to actually listen to the people, and this will very often mean a more selective permanent residence program. This is also the case in Singapore. That is why since 2008, the number of new permanent residents approved yearly in Singapore has approximately halved to only around 30,000 a year.
  • When a country like Singapore is still in its early stages of development, it needs people with skills from all industries to build up the countries. As it gets to the late stages, such as now for Singapore, it should not randomly bring in and encourage immigrants with skills in areas where there is a surplus of people. This is because that will only result in dissent among the existing citizens and residents locally in SG. Therefore, selective choosing of the right people is what the Immigration Checkpoints Authority ICA government officers of Singapore is doing now when it comes to PR status approvals.

Of course, while it is more difficult, it does not mean impossible. In fact, it is still very possible, and simple to get a PR in Singapore if you know what you are doing.

I know that many people fall in love with Singapore after living here, and really want to become a permanent resident here. However, please do it the right way still.

For instance, if you are still getting your PR application rejected over and over, perhaps you want to look for external help from a PR application agency. It is important to get this right, as otherwise the entire PR application approval processing time can take ages. You can save lots of time and energy by using a consultant.

You definitely do not want to take dubious methods as well. For instance, there was this Pakistani man who was jailed in Singapore for lying during his application. And his PR application was over a decade ago! So make sure to do it right by using a professional, or consult with someone you know who has done it properly before.