Singapore gardens by the bay

Why I Fell In Love With Singapore After Being A PR

If you have never been to Singapore, you will be forgiven to think that Singapore literally looks like a city and country which came straight out of a Star Wars movie or futuristic movie scene. Yet it still has cool rustic places located right within the city. Singapore is truly an amazing place and I have fallen with it more and more over the years as I settled down here as a Singapore permanent resident, and here are the reasons why. If you need assistance with applying for Singapore permanent residence, you can check out for PR application help in Singapore.

Changi Jewel futuristic
This is what you are greeted by once you arrive into Changi International Airport in Singapore.

Right upon arrival into Singapore, you enter this Jurassic world like location known as Jewel, where you are greeted by a gigantic waterfall with background music, lots of flora and still lots of high class luxury shops as well as dining choices. You get the best of nature and city at the same time. You will quickly realize that Singapore has this theme of mixing ultra urban designs with nature.

Singapore roads
Singapore’s roads are largely paved with lots of beautiful trees and flowers, making it a nice respite for nature lovers who are living in this small urbanized country.

Regardless of where you stay in Singapore, you will notice that the roads are smooth and that the roads are paved with neatly groomed grass, shrubs or trees. Even though Singapore is considered an ultra urban city in 95 to 99 per cent of the country, you never feel too detached form nature.

It is definitely a pleasant sight. However, you still want to avoid travelling during the peak hours in Singapore. After all, it has one of the world’s highest population and vehicle densities.

woman at Sentosa Aquarium Singapore

With lots of shopping places along Orchard Road, and tons more shopping malls distributed evenly throughout Singapore, it is a local and foreigner shopping paradise. Personally, I am not the biggest fan of shopping, but there is no denial that many people love it and flock to Singapore for it. The opening hours are significantly longer than most other countries, being open from around 11am daily till 10pm daily.

Also, you get to visit interesting places like the SEA Aquarium at Sentosa, which is one of the largest oceanariums in the world. While Sentosa is an offshore island, you can get to it via car, taxi, train or walk across the bridge to it, and as it is still within the Republic of Singapore, you need not bring your passport along. Additionally, there are lots of touristy places like Universal Studios and more within Sentosa too!

rustic places SG
Yes, these rustic places still exist too in Singapore due to preservation policies.

For those who love rustic places? No worries! Due to preservation policies in Singapore, many of these locations are reserved. Some places are completely preserved, while most have their designs and exteriors preserved, but interior updated to modern times. It is a truly unique experience.

As you can tell from the above, Singapore is really a hybrid between modern designs and nature.

The only downside to Singapore? The property prices can be really expensive! And if you hate noises, you need to stay in a quiet landed enclave, which cost a lot.

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