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My Story Behind Migration To And Becoming A Singapore PR

Hello everyone, my name is Rose Markie, and I used to run a beach cafe and hence my site’s name. Ever since 2006, I have been travelling to and fro Singapore, because my husband has some business and investing dealings at Singapore.

Personally, I have always been a fan of a quiet lifestyle, so I was never too excited about Singapore initially, because it just reminded me of downtown London, which was a little to hectic for me in my opinion. I just preferred the countryside (for clarification – I still do, but I will explain more later on) kind of lifestyle.

As a result of this, I was quite reluctant to accompany him initially when he went to SG for a week or two each time, once every one to two months.

However, him being a caring husband, told me that he actually got me a place nestled in Bukit Timah, and at a quiet spot, and kept encouraging me to accompany him just once.

I tagged along once with him to Singapore in 2006, then once in 2008 and the third time in 2009, and then I started to fall in love with Singapore’s hybrid culture of East meets West. Granted, till date, I am still not the biggest fan of Orchard Road nor large crowds unless I need to buy something, where I live is nestled in a pretty quiet residential enclave and that makes me feel perfectly at peace. Especially when I still get to have my little backyard!

Ever since 2012, where it was the fifth or sixth time I went to visit the city-state, I actually asked my husband, who is a UK citizen and a Singapore permanent resident, to get me a Singapore PR status too as a spouse using his permanent residency. If you are not sure how to apply for a Singapore permanent residency, do yourself a favour and just look for an immigration agency to help with your PR application in Singapore, and just skip the hassles. Thankfully for me, he was already a Singapore PR, and it was easy to get me a Long Term Visit Pass, also known as LTVP, initially. It was then eventually converted into a permanent residence status over the years, as I decided to sell off my cafe and live in SG more frequently. I am still British at heart! But definitely still a lover of Singapore.

Check out the following video to learn more about migrating to Singapore by a fellow expat!

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